1 Hour Wordpress Support
We are here to help you with any WordPress related problems, price of £20 includes 1 hour work. Please contact us before ordering to discuss your exact requirements.

Fix/Repair Hacked Wordpress Website
We can fix and clean your hacked WordPress website if you cannot access it or you are not able to login to the admin dashboard. This is only possible if the hacker has not deleted the content from the database had has not deleted your theme folder completely. If so, we can restore it from your backup (if You or your hosting provider have it). We will provide you with a new, random generated password and you will be able access your site again.

To unhack your website we need access to your web hosting main control panel and admin username and password for Wordpress. You will be able to change these details after we finished the task for you. If you can, please provide access to your website backups.

Improving Wordpress website's loading speed
Is your Wordpress site slow? We can improve it's performance / loading time with this professional service. We will use the latest technology and methods to get the best possible result on the server you are currently hosting your site.

Migrate Wordpress site from a domain/web hosting to another
This service is for Wordpress website owners who need to relocate/move their website from a web hosting space/domain to another and they need someone to do it in a professional way.
- We will move your files from your old hosting to the new one.
- We will change all the instances of the domain in the database from the old to the new (optional, please see Add-on below).
- We will make sure your content and layout matched to the old one after we finished the job.
Please contact us before ordering this service.